The Walking Dead finally gave fans what they wanted. Glenn’s fate revealed!


The Walking Dead finally gave fans what they wanted. An answer to what really happened to Glenn from the events from episode 602 “Thank You.” The very same thing I said would happen in my review from that very episode.

Warning Spoilers: Do not read anymore if you have not seen the latest episode of TWD and do not want to be spoiled

Just as I predicted, Glann miraculously survived the most impossible zombie death scenario ever. After Nicholas had committed suicide, he grabbed Glenn by the shirt and dragged him into the zombie mosh pit. The clue to knowing Glenn was going to survive was the way Nicholas had landed on top of Glenn, exposing Nicholas’s body to the brunt of the zombie attack, leaving Glenn underneath screaming for his life. This allowed Glenn to slide underneath the garbage dumpster.

With the addition of Steven Yeun‘s name to the opening credits once again, this finally brings an end to all the fan speculation and rumors.

Check out next week sneak peek trailer for The Walking Dead: Here

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