The Walking Dead Norman Reedus on SNL Weekend Update with Pro-Weed Skit!


(SNL Video is at bottom of this article)

Colin Jost and Michael Che the current SNL Weekend Update hosts had a surprise guest on Saturday night! It was The Walking Dead’s zombie ass-kicker Daryl Dixon as played by actor Norman Reedus. In what was really quite an awful skit to begin with, it was a good thing Norman was there to save it in the end. As new ‘young person’ cast member Pete Davidson was playing a stoner character who was describing how being so ‘stoned’ would get him killed off right away in a zombie apocalypse.

The skit was a total dud! That is untill Norman Reedus showed up after popping an arrow in ‘stoned resident young person’ for looking like a zombie! Feeling sorry for shooting ‘young guy’ after Daryl Dixon realizes this kid was not a zombie but just really really stoned! Pete Davidson doesn’t mind it at all since as he put it – “I have an arrow in my chest, I don’t feel a thing, cause that weed was FINE!!”

“Yeah! An you’re the guy that’s going to take me to that good weed!” Norman Reedus

Pete Davidson, (who is best known, so far for his small part in the recent Justin Bieber Comedy Central Roast) than points out “Hey you’re the guy from Boondock Saints?!” Which Norman replied without a beat “Yeah! An you’re the guy that’s going to take me to that good weed!” Norman grabs Davidson in his chair and rolls him off stage to a resounding round of applause!! Thank you Daryl Dixon from saving us from that horrible skit and letting us all know how you feel about the marijuana debate!

Norman Reedus on SNL Weekend Update video:

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