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There is one character that I absolutely love as much as Rick Grimes or Daryl Dixon and that is Morgan Jones! The man from the first pilot episode living with his son and unable to kill his zombified wife. Lennie James is the fantastic actor who has been seen in only four total episodes as Morgan, but already has a HUGE fan following! I for one am a huge fan of Lennie James work, how could you not be?

YouTube Morgan “Clear” video by: Sean Daniel

From the first time we seen the reemergence of Morgan on The Walking Dead in season 5, there has been a lot of question about what is going on with the cult fan favorite character. What the HELL is Morgan doing looking like he’s lost in the woods?!

First end-credit scene with Morgan from season 5:

First and foremost, Morgan is absolutely not lost! Morgan knows exactly what he’s doing….he’s following the clues. He may not have known what the clues where leading him to at first but the curious intelligent (maybe a little crazy) man knows there is a reason to follow these subtle clues he keeps finding.

First ‘Rick’ clue


Morgan first got on Ricks trail after the defeat of Terminus and Rick defiled the Terminus sign with mud. For some reason Morgan then decides to follow whoever wrote that warning message. It almost seems like, to Morgan, whoever wrote that kind of warning message is the kind of person he would like to join up with.

The Terminus people’s signs

Morgan than finds the tree carvings the Terminus people did so they could find their way back home. But as the Terminus fiends were choking down on poor Bob’s leg, it was Gareth their leader who tells Bob “it was a stupid idea, since what was the point now” (that Terminus is gone.) Gareth and the Terminus people were slaughtered in Gabriel’s church…..which is where we last find Morgan once again in a end-credit scene.

Will Morgan be in The Walking Dead Finale?

From the last time we seen Morgan I personally would make a safe bet that Morgan will either save the day OR at least make one more end credit appearance in the season 5 finale. Why do I think that? If my theory that Daryl Dixon leaves the show after season 5, The Walking Dead will need another right-hand-man for Rick to have a fellow walker ass-kicking partner! Wouldn’t that be sweet, to have Morgan as a regular series character FINALLY

"I see red" - Morgan
“I see red” – Morgan
Rick now keeps seeing “red” – RED BALLOON


Here’s the latest end-credit of “The Walking Dead,” where actor Lennie James returned to the AMC drama as battle hardened survivor Morgan Jones. Morgan is last seen here in Gabriel’s church finding the last clue to tracking Rick Grimes and his crew down.

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