There is No Need for All X-Men Films to be Rated-R

Hollywood execs are a very funny breed indeed. When they don’t listen to the fans in the first place, they stand around scratching their heads wondering what the hell went wrong. Case in point: Deadpool from the first Wolverine Origins movie, Galactus in Rise of the Silver Surfer and then with the entirety of the Fantastic 4 reboot.

So when the fans are screaming and yelling to the studio, that it is going to potentially end up shooting themselves in the foot, the studio returns with the same old arm-out, palms up-to-the-face argument in return, “We are not looking to copy the comic book”. Eventually what ends up happening? We end up with the previous movies I had started off mentioning from 20th Century Fox Studios.

deadpool movie

Now that one small group of creators (namely Tim Miller, Ryan Reynolds and Rob Liefeld) went out and corrected the wrongs of prior studio mistakes, with the movie Deadpool (which if you haven’t noticed, is raking in money for the studio like it’s a non-stop monsoon of C-notes falling from the sky, at the worlds ultimate stripper bar). Fox might have their eyes focused on the wrong prize once again due to Deadpool‘s overachieving success. Can other upcoming X-films make it, even with Deadpool on the roster, without it being made for an adult audience? Absolutely! Will 20th Century Fox still make boat loads of money with Gambit, New Mutants, X-Force and the inevitable Deadpool crossover films, if they are all PG-13? In fact, I think they will make more money if they do keep the R for special occasions. Just how many young ‘Pool fans are being left in the dark because they are too young? The adults will still show up now that they are Deadpool fanatics, younger kids get to finally watch the movie and everyone is most likely to be left happy. Well everyone except for the internet, the internet is never happy.

You really don’t want to saturate a market with foul-mouth Deadpool all over the place anyway……..oh wait, Marvel Comics already does! A prime example of not wanting to over-kill something. Yes, there are a ton of Deadpool fans, but there is also a ton of Deadpool fatigue in comics. Please, Fox please, don’t over-kill us with Deadpool in all your movies from now on.

wolverine 3

Granted, that the upcoming Wolverine 3 is the only one heavily rumored to be produced as a Rated-R film, the rest of the franchise does not need to follow suit in haste.

I will concede that Wolverine 3 is a wise a choice to go Rated-R, not for an abundance of added curse words. But for the needed touch of violence needed convey the real brutality of Logan’s character. The Wolverine extended director’s cut which added CGI blood graphics, an extra sentence enhancer or two and that AWESOME scene where Wolverine tosses a ninja biker into a snow removal machine and that gnarly blood splatter tossed to the side of the building. Not that this is gratuitous violence mind you (ok, the snow-remover thing was a bit too much), but it added that ambiance of real danger, an element of realism comic book movies like Wolverine need. Deadpool the movie is one of kind (until the sequels come out).

wolverine deadpool

Characters like Deadpool do not just fall off trees and not one of those creators who helped in making the movie could have done any of it without the often overlooked aspect, that Marvel created one hell of a hyped up character over the years. Deadpool the movie and being Rated-R is such an anomaly of a success story that should not be over-done just for the sake of trying to replicate it. What will work just fine, is if the entire Deadpool standalone films are all Rated-R and a possible future Cable / Deadpool team-up movie! The rest of the franchise will do just fine.


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