“They Had No Idea” – Jared Leto Walks NYCC Floor in Costume!

Jared Leto, the clever method actor in the Suicide Squad movie as the Joker, took his method of madness even further at NYCC.  By walking among the crazy sea of fans, only this time dressed in a very unusual manner.  As Jared Leto’s photos show from the weekend, he had a blast being a normal face in the crowd, well, as normal as a comic con crowd gets of course.


Not quite the normal cosplay you would see at a comic con Jared wore some silly looking mask most likely to keep the cosplay photo seekers at bay. The best part of the whole thing was this pic Jared Leto took of himself with a Joker cosplayer and the caption he had added was just priceless. Imagine being that fan now and the story he has to tell his friends of how he met the real Joker and didn’t even notice.

Sharing photos on Snapchat and Instagram from his day on the con floor that he himself took of some of his favorite cosplayers. There is a whole slew of fans now kicking themselves in the ass now knowing they were just mere feet away from one of Hollywood’s most premiere actors. It does seem Leto had a blast at the show and we’re glad to be able to see it all happen from his point of view. Great job Jared Leto, you have outdone yourself once again good Sir, well played. Now we just can’t wait for the Suicide Squad movie to get here! Enjoy the pics below from Leto’s day at New York Comic Con 2015.

Suicide Squad official trailer

Leto getting ready to become the Joker

Source) Batman News

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