Top-10 Movies about Student Life

student life

College years often make us get nostalgic. Either you are a student now or just want to dive into the atmosphere of studying at the university, we have prepared themed movies that can help you have a relaxed evening with popcorn. We are sure that you have seen “Legally Blonde” or “Mind Games”, but there are more excellent movies about students besides them. EssayShark remembered the best movie about college, including both light comedies with wild parties, first love, and the challenges of becoming an adult.

Neighbors, 2014

The Radners couple learns about the other side of students’ entertainment. A new neighborhood of students suddenly burst into the life of a young family with a small child. The youth chose their quiet street for their endless nightly parties. The Radners initially tried to make friends with the students, but then it turned out that their schedules and interests did not coincide at all. Now there’s a real war between the heroes for territory and power.

The House Bunny, 2008

Shelley has spent almost her entire life in the company of cat-witted models and arrogant celebrities. As a model for the famous men’s edition of Playboy, she used to be in the center of attention on the expensive parties of the magazine or shine from its covers. But one day, everything she was used to came to an end. Shelley is fired because of her “retirement” age had to leave the Playboy Mansion. The former model has to look for a new job and becomes the head of a dorm at a local college. She lives with smart girls who have become outsiders on campus for various reasons. Shelley’s experience will help the heroines gain popularity they could not even dream of. Some scenes were actually shot at the Playboy Mansion.

Mona Lisa Smile, 2003

It’s a naive but inspiring story about the power of progressive thinking. A young teacher, Ann Watson, goes to work at the Wellesley College, but it turns out that the conservative local orders go against her idealism. Instead of inspiring her students to do great things, she is forced to indulge in the patriarchal idea that marriage is above education. Despite her outstanding talents, students stick to the same opinions, but the 50s are not forever. Thanks to Miss Watson’s efforts, one by one, students in her class are beginning to accept the idea that women have as much talent as men, and certainly have the right to be independent and follow their dreams.

Pitch Perfect, 2012

This is another movie about the power of female friendship, study, and faith in themselves. A group of female students organizes a cappella group to compete with other colleges. The girls sing well and clean, but that is not the main idea of the movie. The film is a pure pleasure to watch due to its heroines, played by Anna Kendrick, Rebel Wilson, and great jokes. In many ways, the success of the film is in the work of Elizabeth Banks, who produced it and shot it more like a singing master class for friends.

The Great Debaters, 2007

The soul-saving drama of Denzel Washington staged in the scenery of the American Depression and Lynch courts. Washington himself played a leading role as a brave professor at traditional African-American Wiley College in Texas, recruiting for a debate club. The “Great Debaters” is based on the life of Professor Melvin Tolson, who taught oratory and debate skills in the 30s. His team that consisted of African-American students only won the national competition for the first time, bypassing then irreplaceable leader of Harvard University in the film adaptation and the University of South Carolina in real life. “Great Debaters” is a reminder of the power of the word that can move a mountain, an important thought often omitted in modern education.

Dear White People, 2014

“Dear White People” does not go around talking about racial discrimination and stereotypes. Sam White, the host of a show, explains the “white” students of the college, what they are wrong about. She is the voice of African-American students. At the same time, the director tries to find out where political correctness ends and counter-racism begins – as both sides of the conflict at a traditional Ivy League university go too far. Asking uncomfortable questions, the director takes the modern political and cultural context and tries to find out the norms of respectful behavior towards each other. “Dear White People” has proved to be an accurate and well-timed satire on racial discrimination in the modern world – both “white” and “black”.

Good Will Hunting, 1997

A Math professor at the university discovers that an average cleaner, Will Hunting, manages to solve a difficult task he has left on the board for his students. The guy’s got a problem with ambition and self-control, but he’s got a lot of genius in Math. The professor hopes to get the boy out of a pit of apathetic inaction. You can hardly find any negative reviews on this masterpiece.

Life of the Party, 2018

Diana dropped out of school for her family when she was young. When an ungrateful husband leaves her, Diana decides to catch up and goes to the university where her daughter studies. Diana got pregnant in her final year of university without getting a diploma. She became a model housewife at the insistence of her husband Dan Miles. After more than twenty years of marriage, they get divorced. Life can’t be the same anymore, and Diana risks to start from scratch. Diana manages to get into the university. After being in a student environment, the young mother remembers the taste of freedom, fun, and faith in a better future again.

She’s All That, 1998

“She’s All That” is a romantic melodrama, a modern story about Cinderella, retold in a new way. After a girl abandons the popular hottie shortly before graduation, he decides to make an unattractive classmate prom queen. Zack is the most famous guy in school, a subject of sighing girls and jealous boys. He must make a prom queen out of any girl at college in just six weeks. If he fails, he has to show up at the graduation ceremony naked. Zack’s friends are going to have a lot of fun, so they’re going to pair him with the most unattractive girl in the class – Lenny.

Easy A, 2010

“Easy A” is an excellent comedy for all fans of the 80s and lovers of smart stories. A high school student, Olive Penderghast, an intelligent and ingenious girl who makes a real sexual revolution at school, is in the center of the story. It all begins with an innocent lie when Olive tells her girlfriend Rhiannon that she has had a date. But the next day, under pressure from Rhiannon, she lies to her that she has had lost her virginity. Thanks to the chatty girl, the rumor of Olive’s ” falling” spreads all over the school in a matter of hours. The incident is not overlooked by local religious activist Marianne Bryant, who decides to take control of Olive. Meanwhile, Olive herself is taking advantage of the hype, becomes the patroness of all unpopular guys at school, telling others that she slept with them. The situation gets serious when the principal and his wife are involved.