The Walking Dead Actor Seth K Gilliam Arrested on Multiple Charges


The actor who plays Father Gabriel on The Walking Dead was arrested on Sunday May 3, at 2am, in Peachtree Georgia. Seth K Gilliam was charged with DUI, speeding and drug possession.

Gilliam was originally pulled over for going 107 mph in a 55mph zone. That alone got him arrested for reckless driving and excessive speeding. At the time of arrest, the officer noticed the order of alcohol to which Gilliam confirmed he had previously been drinking. Testing showed a blood alcohol level of .107, which got him the DUI charge. During a brief search of the car officers also found a small quantity of marijuana in his cigarette pack, which netted him the possession charge.
seth gilliam
The arrest went down without incident and Gilliam was cooperative with the police offering no resistance and freely answering questions.