Valiant’s Faith Comes to Life with Ali Smith

Back in December, our comic book experts started raving about a new upcoming comic series. In fact we said, “The Valiant Universe will never be the same once the blockbuster-scale adventure and spectacular super-heroics of Faith show the heroes of Valiant there is a new girl to be reckoned with in town.”

and when Popculthq was given an advanced copy to review, our writer instantly said “It’s fantastic!

And he was absolutely right, Faith, by Valiant, has been a hit.


Every great character develops a fan base, and from that fan base comes cosplayers.

faith 1 (400x600)
photo by Chris Dorsey

Ali Smith is one such fan turned cosplayer. She started cosplaying as Pam Poovey from Archer two years ago at Planet Comicon and as of last spring she fell in love with a new character and has been playing that one 3 (450x600)

She first learned about the character Faith “Zephyr” Herbert from her husband.

“He has been trying for years to get me to sit down and read comics. He came to me and said that I MUST read this character and her story in Harbinger because it’s me in a comic book. How can you say no to that?”

Why Faith?

Well it was obvious.
1. I look like her and
2. She’s awesome! She has a huge heart and anyone I know that has read the comic tell me I am as much Faith in real life as in the comic. 

faith 4 (600x448)

How has the reception of this costume been?

At first only a few people recognized her. But more recently with the new book I get more “oh hey look its Faith!”

Did you make the costume?

I actually had help from the amazingly talented Kory of Saint’s Customs on the cloak/jacket portion of the costume. The rest of the items were simple. Toms, white tank top, and some white leggings or pants. She’s always evolving with different pants.

“I do have to say the Valiant community is amazing! Not only do I get love from the Valiant CEO Dinesh Shamdasani but also from the guys in the Valiant fan groups. I absolutely love every one of them! The community’s love and support for what I do is so heartwarming.”

faith 5 (330x600)

By day, Faith is a sci-fi fangirl and Blogger, what are you?

Oh I’m a HUGE fangirl. Serenity/Firefly are one of my favorite cut too soon series. I backed the latest project Con Man by Alan Tudyk and Nathan Fillion. I watch everything from Star Trek Voyager to Star Wars. I’d probably say my most favorite thing to do is play video games and watch anything nerdy.

What do you consider your home con?

Planet Comicon or Kansas City Comic Con are the “big ones” I go to.

BUT my home con is actually the con my husband and I started this year. Little Apple Comic Con in Manhattan, KS.

faith 7 (480x480)

What other comics do you read?

I read Captain Marvel, Ms Marvel, Black Canary, Saga, Prez, and a lot of random stuff.

And anything else you want to say to other cosplayers or those who might be interested in cosplaying?

If you want to cosplay do it! It is so much fun! Don’t lose yourself in the drama or demands you may think are in the community. Remember to have fun! We are grown ups dressing up as our favorite characters. There will always be Debby downers rise up and embrace the joy you have in doing this. You are what matters not anyone else. 

That is fantastic advice for everyone and it can not be stressed enough.

Keep an eye on Ali Smith at her Facebook page Zephyr Renegade, I foresee great things in her future.

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Photos provided by Ali Smith
Professional photos taken by Chris Dorsey Photography and Chuck Mason Photography