Whatever Happened To The Archetype! by Insane Comics: PopCultHQ Comic Book Review Spotlight


Writer – Stu Perrins
 Art – Ron Gravelle 
Color Cover – Shaun Dobie

What if a super-man had crashed landed on our planet many decades ago, lived the life of the icon hero and was unceremoniously discarded into the stories of legends past? A legend that was so long ago that he is barely remembered at all, considered perhaps by many as just a myth or fable?

What if, before that super-man was to come to our planet, he had gone through some very REAL emotional losses and sadness? If he were to have a troubled history, before he was to become a legend. When that legend lived here on Earth, he had to face the harsh realities of what it is to once be a beloved hero, to now dealing with loneliness and isolation. These emotions and feelings that a superhero must contend with throughout his life, we never get to see this type of drama properly explored too often in a comic book genre. Well get ready folks, for this is one series that will get people talking!

In the style of the classic Watchmen and Alan Moore’s handle on Supreme, we have the hyper-realistic insight at what life as superhero would actually be like.

No exaggeration, Whatever Happened to the Archetype from Insane Comics is going to turn heads and get noticed quick. I love a comic book that can be this intelligently plotted, while showcasing outstanding color-less artwork. A brilliant piece of work from front page to last, this has now become one of my pull-list favorites. Storytelling that is gut-wrenching, humorous and most importantly……honest.

PopCultHQ Rating: Editor’s Pick!

PopCultHQ 5 out of 5 stars
*** PopCultHQ 5 out of 5 stars ***





Issues #1 and #2 (of 4)

Whatever Happened To The Archetype!

In this four-part superhero/ sci-fi ‘epic’ that tries to answer the question – What happens when caped avengers get old and everyone thinks that their superhero persona was either a myth, or worse still the ramblings of a crazy old man? At the Cherry Blossom Residential Home for the elderly, long-time resident Christopher Quin tells his life story to a mystery visitor and attempts to convince him of his alien heritage, his past life as a superhero, and his relationship with 1940’s supervillain Frenzy.

Preview panels:

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