Why you be hitting on my Deadpool man?! Ryan Reynolds involved in hit and run!

Ryan Reynolds

In VANCOUVER, British Columbia — There was a report that actor Ryan Reynolds was the victim of a hit-and-run accident at Shangri-La Hotel on Friday. Police are describing the accident as a minor hit-and-run, although they have an idea of who the driver was. They say they will speak with Reynolds before deciding whether to press charges.


Reynolds was back in costume and on set just days later.

This from reports via his publicist and Vancouver police on Sunday.

“While walking, Ryan was struck by a paparazzi driving a car through an underground parking garage,” publicist Leslie Sloane said. “The man fled the scene. Ryan is OK.”

In an email, Brian Montague with Vancouver police said the star was not injured in Friday’s incident. Montague had no further details.



not the actual crash – just Deadpool filming


The Vancouver-born Reynolds has been in the city over the past several weeks shooting his new film, Deadpool. In full public view, Ryan Reynolds had been donning the full Deadpool costume much to the delight of all comic book fans and DP creator a-like Rob Liefeld. Ryan must not be affected too much by the incident since he was quickly posting set and fan pictures on his social accounts.

Brianna Hildebrand plays Negasonic Teenage Warhead, a telepath with precognitive abilities, named after a song by Monster Magnet


Deadpool fan picture posted by Ryan Reynolds
Deadpool fan picture posted by Ryan Reynolds

Deadpool is directed by visual effects veteran Tim Miller, making his feature directing debut, with a script from Zombieland writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick. Ryan Reynolds reprises the titular character he originated in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, a disfigured and mentally unstable mercenary known for his or his sarcastic, talkative nature and his tendency to break the fourth wall. The film will alsoinclude T.J. Miller (“Silicon Valley), Morena Baccarin (“Homeland”), Gina Carano (Haywire) and Ed Skein (The Transporter Refueled). Production is now underway and 20th Century Fox releases it next year February 16th, 2016.


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