Wizard World Chicago Cosplay Spotlight – I.B.O.T – Iron Brothers of Topeka

wizard-world-logoEvery comic and gaming convention has cosplay; these are the people who pay to attend and go in various costumes. Most conventions also have their official Cosplay guests and Wizard World Chicago 2015 is no exception. Usually I am at least familiar with the official Cosplay guests, but this year there are some new faces so I thought I would take a look at them with a daily spotlight.

I.B.O.T. Iron Brothers of Topeka

iron-brothers-of-topeka-3This is a multi-generational family group of cosplayers that I have seen before. They do a fantastic job on the costumes and cover a wide variety of genres. The most popular of their cosplays is their collection of Iron Man based suits. The Ironman based suits include Iron Man, Rescue, War Machine, and Iron America. In my opinion, one of the best things about this cosplay group is the fact that they even have a Stan Lee look alike. I have seen people go insane because they thought he was the real thing.

Here is their official Wizard World Bio:

I.B.O.T. –Iron Brothers of Topeka or IBOT for short are three brothers who bring fantasy to reality with their large wearable sculptures. Although they have full time jobs, children and family lives…they find time to imagine, build, and share their creations. I.B.O.T. has formal education in art, drafting, computer graphic design, mechanics, and business. However, what started out as individual efforts has now escalated into a collaborative effort that includes three generations of their family from their eighty some year old parents, their significant others and their children. Other families have picnics in the park, I.B.O.T. has building parties and go to comic conventions. The family that cosplays together has more fun!

I.B.O.T. is not just a group of Cosplayers, but a veritable cornucopia of experiences designed to thrill your senses. You have to experience them in person to get the full effect. They are larger, louder, and more extreme than you can even imagine!