Wizard World Chicago Cosplay Spotlight – Super Kayce

wizard-world-logoEvery comic and gaming convention has cosplay; these are the people who pay to attend and go in various costumes. Most conventions also have their official Cosplay guests and Wizard World Chicago 2015 is no exception. Usually I am at least familiar with the official Cosplay guests, but this year there are some new faces so I thought I would take a look at them with a daily spotlight.

Super Kayce

super-kayce-2Kayce Super is a cosplayer with a very full schedule. She did Gen Con at the beginning of the month, then she is scheduled for Wizard World in Chicago. She gets a short break then heads over to the Cincinnati Comic Expo in September and the Rocky Mountain Con in November.

Don’t let a pretty face fool you, Kayce is much more than just a cosplay model, she knows what she is talking about when it comes to some of her characters. Kayce is an avid gamer and can be frequently found on the Xbox playing Halo or Left 4 Dead. Kayce doesn’t limit herself to just video games either, she is a true gamer that loves all genres and she is all over tabletop games such as Settlers of Catan, Naruto Deck Builder, Ticket to Ride, and Nevermore. She also runs old school with Magic and D&D.

Here is her official Wizard World Bio:

Kayce Super is a cosplayer, artist, gamer, and all around pop culture junkie from Indianapolis, Indiana. She began her journey into the convention world in 2009 when she attended her first Superman Celebration! It wasn’t until the next year that she began costuming! Kayce honestly fell in love with the idea of being able to bring her favorite characters to life! Kayce has always felt that cosplay is the greatest way for her to share her love of comics, games, art, anime, television, and movies with others. During the last several years she has definitely expanded her knowledge of costume making as well as the convention scene but she still have a ton to learn!

Although Kayce doesn’t compete regularly, she has competed in a few different costume contests in the last 5 years! She has won: Fan Favorite at the Superman Celebration 2009, 2nd Place MetroCon 2011, 1st Place Group at Derby City Con 2012, etc! Outside of costuming for conventions Kayce has completed and worked closely with several local charities such as SOSI, Heroes fighting against Cancer, Justice League of America Indianapolis, Superhero Training Day by Fishers Library, etc.

She have created nearly a dozen costumes such as Stargirl, Dawnstar, Supergirl, Wondergirl, Batgirl, Jayna from the Wondertwins, Ice, Firestar, Stephanie Brown Robin, Ms. Marvel, MegaMam’ and many more!

You can check her out on her facebook page