You Can Ride Falkor, The Luck Dragon in Munich

Everyone knows about the Hollywood Studio tours, where you get to see and interact with props and scenes from some of your favorite movies. If you ever get a chance to visit Munich, Germany, be sure to stop in and see their version, the Bavaria Film Studio.bavaria films 9 (600x426)

It seems to be one of the under-advertised hidden treasures.

This is a studio with a history of some great classic movies, including the 1925 classic The Pleasure Garden, Alfred Hitchcock’s first film. 1981 saw the production of the epic war classic Das Boot and 1984 saw a children’s favorite The Neverending Story.

This is probably the only chance you will ever have to live out your childhood dream of riding Falkor, the Luck Dragon or one of the snails. You can even see a few of the other characters such as Morla, the Ancient One.

While you are there, check out some of their other cool movie props and scenes.